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Khelcom Farm is a vibrant testament to perseverance 

We are cultivating harmony with the land and our community.

We reject all forms of racism.

It will not be tolerated here or at

any events associated with our farm. 


We are committed to developing cultural respect, uplifting diversity, inspiring inclusion and creating pathways to equity by learning, examining and understanding concepts like implicit bias, white privilege, white supremacy and systemic racism within everyday life, and specifically within our food systems.

فليس يوجب سواد الجسم،،،، سفاهة الفتى وسوء الفهم


a name rooted in freedom

The original Khelcom is an agricultural community with thousands of hectares of land outside the Holy City of Touba in Senegal. Khelcom was founded by Seringe Saliou, son of Serigne Touba. Serigne Touba was known as one of the greateset spiritial leaders in Senegal and was the founder of the Mouride Community.


He was known for his devout faith as a servant of Allah, his extensive writings on spirituality, and his decades long pacifist resistance to colonialism.

He believed strongly in hard work and simple living,

as well as the virtues of spiritual and mental freedom.


Khelcom Farm, Vermont, was founded on the principle that education, hard work, and food sovereignty can liberate people and provide a better future.


meet the fam

We're a black-owned urban farm on the edge of Barre in Berlin, Vermont. We are very grateful for the community support we have received and honored to nourish & enrich our community.  We are grateful to grow a business that can bring us all a little peace.

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Abdoulaye is a native of Senegal in West Africa.  He emigrated to Italy in his 20s and to the US in his 30s.  He speaks 4 languages - his native language of Wolof, French, Italian, and English.  He is a devout Muslim and follower of Serigne Touba. 


He was a precision machinist for many years. Over the years, Abdoulaye and Marja have fostered a growing love of growing life. 


In 2021 Abdoulaye completed the Farmer Training Program at the University of Vermont.  Together with Marja and their three children, the idea for Khelcom Farm was born. In 2022 season one is becoming a reality!


Marja grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior.  She followed in the footsteps of her mother and became a nurse. 


Marja has been working in healthcare for 20 years and is currently a flight nurse at Dartmouth Health. 


When she is not flying the skies, you can find her in the fields with Abdoulaye, tending the children, or at the computer learning the behind-the-scenes of small business. 


In her ‘free time’ she enjoys baking, hiking, hanging out with friends, and napping.






Saliou is the oldest and a helpful big brother. He can often be found looking after his bro & sis. He enjoys reading, biking, and swimming. He's the empath of Khelcom Farm.

Nickname: Zaal




Khadim is an energetic and lively boy. He is very passionate about growing and can be found giving tours of the fields. He loves all humans and animals.

Nickname: Kha




Rokhaya is the baby girl and a pure joy for the family. She is very happy and loving. She spends her days happily digging in the dirt and snacking on fresh greens.

Nickname: Daba

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