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This is our 1st season as an urban farm growing vegetables at this scale & while Abdoulaye's training has set us up for success, we have much to learn.  We encourage inquiry & feedback.  Don't hesitate to get in touch.

and a few that have already come up

  • How big is your farm?
    Our property, including our home and yard is 1.3 acres. We estimate just over 1/2 an acre is under cultivation. It sounds very small, but it is incredible what this amount of land can produce when planted in a non-traditional market garden style. The small scale makes us constantly think about how best to utilize our land. We encourage you to come and see it for yourself!
  • Are you an organic farm?
    While we have not gone through the process for organic certification, Abdoulaye trained on an organic farm. We utilize fertilizers, soil amendments, and pest control that are all approved for use for organic production. In addition, our growing methods focus on building healthy soil by utilizing minimal tillage practices, diversified crops, cover cropping and crop rotation.
  • How can we find you?
    Our farm stand is open 7 days a week from 10am to sunset. It is conveniently located just up Highland Avenue off of the Barre Montpelier Road. It is located on the farm and is self-serve. We currently accept cash and Venmo. We are also at the Barre Farmer's Market on Wednesdays from 3:30-6:30.
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
    Possibly! Please reach out to us by email or @khelcomfarm on social media for wholesale inquiries, or if you are interested in having us grow a specific crop for your business. We are very interested in forging relationships with local businesses that value locally grown products or need a source for their value-added products.
  • How do you know what you're doing?
    Abdoulaye is a 2021 graduate of the Farmer Training Program through the University of Vermont. Through this program, Abdoulaye had many opportunities for learning and building relationships within Vermont's agricultural community. In our first year as a farm, we've managed to successfully turn our lawn into a crop-producing field, build all our basic infrastructure, and open our farmstand. Even with all this progress, we are always in learning mode and are very grateful to our neighbors, fellow farmers, and community members for offering advice, support, and resources on our journey. Please follow our journey on social media for farm updates and photos. We are always happy to have community members drop by to see how the magic happens.
  • We're new to farming - any resources to share?
    The farming community is very supportive! Find your local farms and reach out. Johnny's Seeds and High Mowing Seed Company both offer a variety of resources. The UVM extension offers a plethora of resources and assistance, reach out to your local extension service. We joined the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Grower's Association (VVBGA) at the recommendation of the extension, and it is has been a great resource. We also learned a lot about small scale and urban agriculture through The Market Gardener and The Urban Farmer.
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